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I founded Stefania Gour as a fashion and lifestyle brand in 2019, but it is far more than just a brand for me. Stefania Gour is an expression of all the components of my life: my sources of inspiration, my values, the family I was born into, the home I grew up in, and the family I established.

Stefania Gours flagship item is the hand fan, the central element in designing all pieces. Each Stefania Gour hand fan is a work of art and a world in itself. Each and every detail is carefully considered and invested in every hand fan, handkerchief, and other accessories. We draw inspiration from our experiences and travels around the world and create with a passion for aesthetics and style alongside uncompromising quality.

All our hand fans are handmade using unique traditional techniques, using bamboo (an especially strong raw material that lasts for years) and natural cotton. Our handkerchiefs are made from silk and cotton of the highest quality. We design timeless fashion statements that lasts for years, and thanks to their effortless style, they work with every trend.



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