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Stefania Gour- Quality and Style

Stefania Gour – the brand that has earned its place in Shenkar’s Rose Textile and Fashion Archive, a platform for original Israeli fashion.
Stefania Gour is the first brand of hand fans in Israel that specializes in fashionable hand fans of excellent quality and meticulous design.

Our flagship item is the hand fan, the central element in designing all our pieces.

Each Stefania Gour hand fan is a work of art and a world in itself. We carefully consider each and every detail (design, print, textures, materials) and invest in every hand fan, handkerchief, and other accessories. We draw inspiration from our experiences and travels around the world and create with a passion for aesthetics and style alongside uncompromising quality.

All our hand fans are handmade using unique traditional techniques, using bamboo (an especially strong raw material that lasts for years) and natural cotton. Our handkerchiefs are made from silk and cotton of the highest quality. We design timeless fashion statements that will last for years, and thanks to their effortless style, they will work with every trend.

The Story Behind the Stefania Gour Label

My Story: Galit Gour-Avisror, Founder

I founded Stefania Gour as a fashion and lifestyle brand in 2019, but it is far more than just a brand for me. Stefania Gour is an expression of all the components of my life: my sources of inspiration, my values, the family I was born into, the home I grew up in, and the family I established.


I am the mother to a daughter and son who came into the world following years of fertility treatments that helped me to realize my greatest dream – becoming a mother. I gave birth to my children, Erez and Hila Stephanie (after whom the brand is named), at a late age (47 and 49), and their arrival necessitated dramatic changes in my life – including the launch of a new career. After years of working in management, finance and marketing, I decided to follow my heart and establish a brand that would create fashion and lifestyle accessories with my own touch.
And why did I decide to start with hand fans? Because of the heat!

Galit Gour Avisror, Founder

I have always loved hand fans, from the time I was a little girl. In the summer of 2019, Israel was in the grip of a stifling heatwave. This was the trigger that took me back to my great love of hand fans and their style, authenticity and prestige.

Over the years, I had collected hand fans on trips around the world; and when I decided to set out on a new path, I threw myself into learning, researching and analyzing everything I could. I designed my first hand fans for myself – just as later I connected to my other passion: handkerchiefs.

The hand fans, the handkerchiefs and every other Stefania Gour item represent me. Our hand fans and handkerchiefs make a personal statement for women who love style and fashion. We design for women who believe in quality and uniqueness, and Stefania Gour is a boutique brand unlike any other. Each model of hand fan and handkerchief is part of a limited edition.

Our pieces are created using environmentally friendly materials, and we are always careful to minimize our environmental impact.
Each and every one of Stefania Gour’s pieces is an original design offered in a limited edition to maintain its uniqueness.
At Stefania Gour, quality and design aesthetics are paired with sustainability and regard for the environment. Our items are must-haves, and our values are an integral part of their appeal.

A hand fan and a handkerchief styled on the table

It All Begins At Home

Quality Above All

Stefania Gour and Sustainability

The inspiration for the hand fans comes from home. I grew up in a house of creation and freedom. We raised many animals in our backyard – some of which were quite unconventional. Peacocks, parrots and hamsters wandered freely around my family’s backyard. To me, the backyard symbolized freedom. This freedom led me to creation and playing with shapes and colors, always accompanied by a range of flavors and aromas and a wealth of colors that filled every space in the home. My father, who immigrated to Israel from Morocco and was a craftsman who built everything with his own hands, was an inspiration twice over for me: On one hand, his Moroccan roots inspired the shapes, colors and geometric elements of the items I design. And his strength of character and high standards of craftsmanship were my inspiration for uncompromising precision and for selecting the finest raw materials.

Here at Stefania Gour, we believe in quality. At each stage of the work we think about you – the woman who will hold the hand fan and tie the handkerchief around her neck and bag. We see you and know that you want to add a personal and chic twist to your look; but no less important, you value uncompromising quality and want to own high-end and unique items that stand out. We thought about each and every one of you when we designed the collections and imagined how each hand fan would go with each look: classic, elegant, glittering, colorful, evening or casual wear – to each her choice.

Here at Stefania Gour, we hold the importance of style and chic as equal to the values of sustainability and environmental protection. We take sustainability into account throughout the process of developing the hand fans. To ensure this, we work only with natural materials and all our hand fans are handcrafted using a unique traditional technique. Bamboo is an especially strong material, and its uniqueness lies in its fibers, which are very flexible and ensure long-lasting durability. Dying the cotton using traditional methods ensures the same uncompromising quality. Each Stefania Gour item is designed to stand the test of time, encouraging safe and focused consumption to protect the environment for us all.

Limited edition

Our designer hand fans are limited edition, with just 250 items in each release! This means that when you buy a Stefania Gour hand fan, you are the owner of a unique, quality item designed to last a lifetime. See a hand fan and fall in love? Grab it right away, because as soon as it goes out of stock, it’s gone – to maintain the unique value of the hand fans, we don’t renew our stock.

Unique Design

All Stefania Gour designs are unique and exclusive to the label. Our team is constantly following the latest international trends and draws inspiration from around the world, but at the end of the day each item we design is unmistakably our own.

High Quality​

The quality of our designs is of utmost importance to us and we never compromise on it. Take, for example, our hand fans. They are made of high-quality materials that give them excellent durability. Our accessories can withstand your best friend’s event, a long hot summer, a beach vacation or a spring evening on the balcony. Our customers return again and again to buy hand fans for themselves or their friends, because after they try a Stefania Gour hand fan, they know there is nothing else like it.

 A Home for Special Boutique Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

In addition to our in-house collection of hand fans, we provide personal design services for businesses and customized events. We work in collaboration with each customer to create exciting and unique boutique items. Moreover, you can buy a hand fan from our existing stock and have your own logo printed on the cloth sleeve.

Contact us to create specially adapted hand fans for events (minimum of 500 units).

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