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The story behind. 



Established in 2019, Stefania Gour is a brand that creates and designs hand fans, fashion accessories, and home-style products. The products transmit the idea of "Must-Have" through our special design language and the use of supreme materials.

After years of pursuing motherhood, I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (2017) H. Stephanie Gour and 2.5 years later I had my second child (2020) E. Leo Gour. 

Bringing them at a late age, also brought a career change. After years of being part of the corporate world, sitting in board meetings, and managing other people's money I have decided to go on an independent path. I wanted a brand that have my own fingerprint with international appeal and thus I named it after my daughter – "Stefania Gour". 


 The Tel-Avivian, Israeli heat, was a trigger to launch the hand-held fans – it took a period of research, and I understood the quest of this simple, classic solution that combines productivity with "say" of fashion and style. Today, we make our fans in a limited edition only, based on season and inspiration.

Actually, my inspiration for our product comes from home. Growing up in a rural area, our home was a place of creation, improvisation, and freedom. Unconventional animals were wandering our backyard. Besides dogs and cats, we had parrots and peacocks along with rabbits and hamsters. For me as a child, the backyard was my own personal kingdom. I learned about drawing, the use of colors and materials, and how to express myself throughout my imagination. My father, who came from Morocco was always busy in creating something for us. He thought me the use of tools, shapes, and colors. The influence of geometric shapes is coming from Mideastern culture and along with colorful tasty food coming from my mom's kitchen, they are accompanying me in attention to detail and precision and serve as a recipe and guideline for our brand!

Throughout the brand development, we took into consideration sustainability and being environmentally friendly.  We use natural materials only and all products are handmade supervised by our people. For example, the use of bamboo wood and fiber in our hand fans is both flexible and durable for years. Painting on fabric is done with natural colors only. We are doing our best to insert uncompromising materials into our products.

Our new addition to a line of handkerchiefs as well as other products are reflection of who we are and what we represent. Creating simple practical products with personal appeal and stylish touch are the backbone of our brand. We deliver functional accessories for both casual and dressed appearances. "Stefania Gour" approaches women from an array of ages and backgrounds. And today I can easily say:

I am proud of our product.
I am proud of our decisions and the journey we choose.
I am proud we didn't compromise.

Galit Gour Avisror   

Stefania Gour is a brand that specializes in designing fashionable and high-quality fans that are produced by hand and headkerchief in a traditional and unique technique. All our fans are made of bamboo, an extremely strong raw material that has lasted for years and is made of natural cotton fabric. All these together, make Stefania Gore a brand in which design aesthetics, style, and chic are values equivalent to the values of sustainability and environmental protection.


All the details. 

Limited edition.

Our designed hand fan is a limited edition that is as unique as they are beautiful. This means you’ll have a one-of-a-kind item that will last you a lifetime. Get it now - once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Unique Design.

All of our designs are unique. Our team is dedicated to keeping up with all the latest trends and offering you the most unique designs so you can go out with a statement.

Made to last.

We use quality materials produced to withstand your best friends' wedding, long summer vacation, or just a chill pool-side. You'll have to trust us - or get one to prove us right!


Can an already special gift get any better? Yes.
We offer different ways to personalize your hand fan and handkerchiefs so they will be unique and only yours!

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