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Limited addition hand-fan

Stefania's Feathers

  • We called our house hand fan “Stefania's Feathers.” Just as our brand name is inspired by our lives (Stephanie is my daughter’s name. Read more >>>), these feathers are inspired by childhood memories and the home where I grew up alongside unconventional animals, including peacocks. The spectacular feathers of the handsome peacock was the inspiration for Stefania Gour’s flagship hand fan, which, when opened, recalls the breathtaking moment of a peacock spreading its feathers to their full glory.

    The elegant print makes this pattern a bestseller among brides looking for a high-quality designer hand fan for an especially unique wedding look.


  • Each of our hand fans is a combination of top-quality cotton and environmentally friendly-bamboo. The hand fans are handmade using traditional manufacturing techniques. Each of our hand fans is a limited edition.

    Size: 21 cm closed; 38 cm open.

    Good to know: Each Stefania Gour hand fan comes in a black or white cotton sleeve. The sleeve is soft and convenient to carry, so you can safely take your hand fan wherever you go.

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