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Well-designed scarves and handkerchiefs are the perfect accessories for autumn. It has the perfect touch of color and sophisticated elegance. It automatically draws the focus whether worn around the neck, used as a head cover, or simply tied to the purses or around the waist as a belt.

Stefania Gour’s handkerchiefs are very high quality and unique products. Every design is being made to match the influence of our hand fans. The match of hand fans brings a stylish cool look for the season. 


Despite the long time it took us to come out with the handkerchiefs we didn’t compromise on the quality. Made in Italy by a leading traditional designer, our handkerchiefs have the highest quality print and fabric. It’s the cotton and silk combination that is both smooth and comforting and along with our hand fans serves as the perfect gift for the season.

Limited edition collection.

one-time and unique pieces

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