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At the "Stefania Gour" pop-up store, you can find a variety of fashion items and original designs, in addition to our 'Stefania Gour' hand fans and handkerchiefs.

All of the items are curated by Galit Gour-Avisror, and are carefully thought out, aiming to enhance the lifestyle experience with inspiration, beauty and quality.

Whether you're looking for a fashion item or a unique home design for yourself, or seeking a high-quality, original, and meaningful gift for a good friend, colleague, or family member, you will find it here, And with a lot of thought and love invested in it.



I founded Stefania Gour as a fashion and lifestyle brand in 2019, but it is far more than just a brand for me. Stefania Gour is an expression of all the components of my life: my sources of inspiration, my values, the family I was born into, the home I grew up in, and the family I established.

Stefania Gours flagship item is the hand fan, the central element in designing all pieces. Each Stefania Gour hand fan is a work of art and a world in itself. Each and every detail is carefully considered and invested in every hand fan, handkerchief, and other accessories. We draw inspiration from our experiences and travels around the world and create with a passion for aesthetics and style alongside uncompromising quality.

All our hand fans are handmade using unique traditional techniques, using bamboo (an especially strong raw material that lasts for years) and natural cotton. Our handkerchiefs are made from silk and cotton of the highest quality. We design timeless fashion statements that lasts for years, and thanks to their effortless style, they work with every trend.



Yasmin Caspi (36), living in Miami, is the owner and head designer of the brands Jess & Love and DayDream Miami. After giving birth to her second daughter, Alona, sister to Arya, she developed a magical brand of matching T-shirts for mother and daughter/son.


Jess and Love was born out of appreciation for chic, functional, soft T-shirts both mom and child will love. The fabrics are soft and pleasant, they maintain their quality, and the prints are precise.

At Jess and Love, we cherish the sweet, unforgettable, and bonding moments. Laughing, exploring, and rolling through life with the little ones is a big part of motherhood - and doing it in matching T-shirts makes it even more fun!


In 2020, Yasmin began developing her jewelry line, focusing mainly on natural stones and pearls. Yasmin has always been dedicated to small details, fashion, and styling. The jewelry is meticulously handmade in Miami and is influenced by the atmosphere of eternal summer!

Yasmin believes that the combination of classic pearls with contemporary fashion brings a new level of elegance and chic that easily elevates any look. Today, the brand is sold across the United States, and the love for pearls is only gaining momentum.Are you ready to fall in love?



Rinat Tzadok: A creator by heart, making with her hands what the heart desires and loves. A pastry chef and recipe developer specializing in intuitive research and cooking of raw materials. Working to promote culinary education from an early age to an adult audience.

Maya Lerner: A textile designer who learns and creates handmade crafts of all kinds, loves to host and feed, and generally creates everything that can be made by hand.

For both of us, the dining table is the center of the home. The table provides us with an opportunity to pause for a moment from the daily rush of life, to sit with loved ones around a beautifully set table adorned with flavors. This is our way of showing love. Inspired by the embroidered tablecloths of our grandmothers, we founded "denimyourtable". We replaced the silk and cotton with denim fabrics, and the traditional flower embroideries with embroideries of vegetables and fresh fruits, and anything that inspires us. We invite you to join us and turn your table into a beautiful and enjoyable place, on holidays and events, and especially in everyday life.

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After completing her degree in Visual Communication from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, Karin worked for eight years for a design and branding studio specializing in commercial spaces. Her passion to paint was always part of her world and accompanied her in her work. Today, Karin is also a member of the “Matter of Color” Group, a group of almost Israeli artists painting together in a Tel Aviv  workshop, exhibiting their works in Israel, living and sharing their passion for painting.


Through her paintings, Karin opens a door leading into her inner world, expressing her soul and private world. She is most enthusiastic with abstract painting and has been developing her technique over the years, discovering every day new tools and techniques. She has once said that she regards each panting she completes as the creation of a new world allowing different people to dive into the same painting but discovering a different world.​



Studio ELLI is a boutique design studio based in Tel Aviv. It is owned by textile designer Shirley Rov, specializes in hand embroidery on a variety of materials and products.

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Hand-made ceramics with an elegant and cozy feel. Each item is created with creativity, love, and a great passion to make your house feel like home.

Shani Mayer is a ceramic artist. She owns a studio in Tel Aviv and is a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

In her handmade works, Shani draws inspiration from nature.
She aspires to bring the material from the earth into the home and hopes to make everyday actions an experience.

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