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Leopard print never goes out of fashion, but here we give it our own twist: spots in sunny colors and unconventional sizes, and a Mediterranean style in colorful and unique combinations. The leopard hand fan and handkerchief are designed in the colors of summer, sun and sea; but in our bold, colorful local climate, it works for any day of the year. All that’s left for you to do is choose the right outfit, show off your inner leopard, and go take over the world – or at least the beach.


Good to know: Each of our hand fans comes in a black or white branded cotton sleeve, so you can take your hand fan with you everywhere while keeping it safe and retaining its sheen.

Blue Leopard Set

  • Each handkerchief is made of 100% cotton
    Our handkerchiefs are made in Italy.
    Each handkerchief is hand-packed and comes in an exclusive box.

    Size: 55*55
    Composition: 100% cotton
    Care: Dry clean only

    Each of our hand fans is a combination of top-quality cotton and environmentally friendly-bamboo. The hand fans are handmade using traditional manufacturing techniques. Each of our hand fans is a limited edition.

    Size: 21 cm closed; 38 cm open.

    Made in Italy

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