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What Makes the Perfect Hand Fan?

Our passion for designing hand fans springs from a great appreciation for this object and its rich and storied past. So, shall we start with a bit of history? Evidence for the existence of hand fans dates back 4,000 years in Egypt, where they were featured in religious texts and served as a status symbol for royalty. There are differences of opinion about where the hand fan officially originated; China and Japan both claim the honor for themselves. Either way, what is known is that hand fans arrived in Europe around the year 1500, where they found their way into the hands of high-society women and took root as symbols of class, wealth, and elegance.

With such a rich history, is it any surprise that hand fans have grabbed a place of honor at special occasions today? Weddings, holidays, and other important events – a hand fan will be waiting for you, ready to provide an elegant breeze in a warm moment. Have an event coming up and want to pamper your guests with a designer hand fan? We’ll take care of designing it with and for you, and your guests will receive a unique hand fan that radiates intent, beauty and style.

Here’s our method for designing the perfect hand fan!


1. Inspiration

Everything starts and ends with inspiration, so this must be our first tip. What is your connection to this event? What is it you wish to convey? Around which elements did you design the venue? These can serve as rich and unique starting points to find inspiration for your hand fan design.

Romantics such as we are, we immediately think of weddings! Your wedding dress is a central design element that represents you and only you, and it’s just waiting to be complemented with an elegant fan. Whether you need a party favor for your wedding guests, a special gift for close family members or a treat for your best friends at the bachelorette party – a custom-made hand fan inspired by your magnificent dress sounds like a great place to start...

This design is inspired by Morocco’s rich culture and is perfect for any celebration. What’s your inspiration for the design of your own unique hand fan?


2. A Point in Time

Sending out the invitations is an exciting stage of any event, whether business or personal. It’s important to convey a clear message: where, when and how. The “when” is especially important, because this is the day everyone will gather to mark the occasion with and for you.

How can you make this day unforgettable? An elegant way to memorialize the moment is simply to engrave it – both in your memory and on the hand fan. This is a way to give your guests a beautiful gift and commemorate the moment for everyone with a fun souvenir. Whether you choose to feature it on the fan itself or as an elegant add-on, the date of your event will be engraved in the memories, hearts and hand fans of all participants!


3. The Little Details

Heaven can be found in the details – that much we know! The details are what make opening a gift exciting every single time; they are what make us feel special. These details, which are so important, can make your event unforgettable.

Our experience doesn’t start with the product itself – it begins the moment we receive the wrapped gift. How is it wrapped? Is it branded? What does it convey? These details are important because they make the experience of receiving a gift exciting and surprising! A ribbon tied just so, the wrapping paper, the packaging that will also protect it for years – all these elements are customized especially for your event. But we haven’t forgotten the product itself for even a moment. Our hand fans are designed down to the last detail: the stitch of the cloth, the connection of the bamboo ribs, the tassel that falls nonchalantly over the hand holding the fan. We work with our customers to meticulously design these elements for a unique and exciting result every single time.


For more details, don’t hesitate to get in touch – find us on social media or simply pick up the phone and we’ll be delighted to talk to you and make you exactly what you need.

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