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Why Do I Need a Hand Fan?

When the weather is scorching but also on milder days; when we’re dealing with the effects of menopause; and also (perhaps mainly) to create a fashionable, hip and fabulous look: Five reasons why the hand fan is a must-have for every season

Cooling the Body

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and Stefania Gour's hand fans are a case in point. Founded in Israel, where even the winters can be unseasonably warm and the summers often unbearably so, we find ourselves in constant need of a refreshing breeze, especially when the temperature is almost always above 20 degrees Celsius. On especially hot

days, you can turn on the air conditioning indoors; but what happens when you are out and about? When you need a little air – or more than a little – you can always pick up a hand fan for a light and refreshing breeze. And now Stefania Gour is offering that same convenience and luxury to clients in other countries who know exactly what we're talking about. Perfect!

Our recommendation: A hand fan in sunny shades will help you out. Even when the sun is blazing, the hand fan can handle it with cool and refreshing breezes.


Upgrade Your Look

The hand fan isn’t just a practical and effective accessory; it’s also an essential addition to your look. This style supplement adds a refined touch that is second to none. There’s no other accessory like the hand fan, which projects elegance and flair and adds a layer of playfulness and daring in the same breath. Choosing the right hand fan can create a unique, one-time look that is yours and yours alone. How do you do it? Choose a brand that creates limited edition hand fans, so your chances of meeting someone with a hand fan like yours at the same event are almost non-existent.

Our recommendation: For a festive evening look or an event such as a wedding where you plan to wear an elegant dress, this will work...



The hand fan is a fashion item with a practical value, but it isn’t for everyone. The hand fan suits the woman whose style is an inseparable part of her essence; the modern woman who keeps up with global trends and whose finger is always on the pulse. If that woman is you, all that’s left is for you to choose a hand fan that suits the look you’ve chosen today – then go out and conquer the world. We believe in you!

Our recommendation: If you are into luxury right now, this is the hand fan for you.


Flashes of Age

We’ve already discussed the effectiveness of fanning, but we should dedicate special attention to the most common side effect of menopause: hot flashes. Hot flashes are a direct result of the hormonal changes that come with age. And by the way, according to the most recent professional literature, today women under fifty are already starting to feel these effects. If you’re familiar with the feeling of boiling up even on a cool day, you surely know what we're talking about. So instead of turning on the air conditioning, pick up a hand fan and get the relief you long for – but still with a touch of chic.

Our recommendation: Any hand fan that does it for you. For us, the hand fans from the Morocco series are the perfect choice to lift our spirits.


Speaking the Language of the Hand Fan

The hand fan conveys many messages in both look and design. But did you know it is also a secret channel of communication? This tradition began sometime in the 16th century when women were not allowed to overtly communicate with men, so they invented a discrete language to talk to them without risking punishment or social ostracism. But we can do this even today, because come on – we women can do anything, and why not bring a bit more humor and curiosity into our lives? Read more about the language of the hand fan.

Our recommendation: A hand fan with an elegant and even sexy appeal will fit the bill.

The bottom line is that there are many reasons to bring a hand fan into your dressing room and adopt it as a must-have accessory; you might identify with more than one of them and honestly, we don't blame you. Either way, there is no need to compromise on style – with the selection we offer, you can choose the right hand fan for any look or event.


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