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Limited addition hand-fan

Yellow Smear

  • The perfect hand fan for sun lovers! The sun represents light; a hint of the desert and a sign of joy; a spark of mischief and a glimmer of hope. We chose yellow as the main color for a hand fan that will add optimism and light to the life of anyone who loves the sun. This hand fan makes a great gift, but we completely understand if you want to keep it all to yourselves...

  • Each of our hand fans is a combination of top-quality cotton and environmentally friendly-bamboo. The hand fans are handmade using traditional manufacturing techniques. Each of our hand fans is a limited edition.

    Size: 21 cm closed; 38 cm open.

    Good to know: Each Stefania Gour hand fan comes in a black or white cotton sleeve. The sleeve is soft and convenient to carry, so you can safely take your hand fan wherever you go.

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